Why Online Community Marketplaces Are Popular

Online community marketplaces are not only becoming popular with local vendors, but also with local consumers. There are a number of reasons for this. The online community marketplace offers benefits to the small business or home entrepreneur as well as the discerning online consumer.

Why Online Community Marketplaces Are Popular With Vendors

Online community marketplaces are popular with home entrepreneurs and small enterprises because they offer a number of advantages. These advantages help these small businesses compete in the online market space.

  • Ready Built Platform – An online community marketplace such as MyShopsy, offers the small business a pre-built platform. This platform provides a web presence, a shopfront to display products and a fully administered and maintained environment. This can be a significant cost saving for small enterprises.
  • Online Marketing – The administrators of the platform provide marketing expertise to market the platform on search engines and social media platforms. The larger the community grows, the more this marketing expands and all the vendors participating will benefit from this publicity.
  • Expands Your Client Base – The marketing provided by the community helps to expand the client base for vendors. This gives them a wider reach to greater number of possible consumers, more than they would have been able to achieve on their own.
  • Open 24/7 – online community marketplaces are popular because they give the vendor exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only are a vendors products showcased in this timeframe, but consumers can also place orders at any time of day. This allows a vendor to be in front of his clients more frequently than if he had a traditional shopfront or a stall at an open air market.

Why Online Community Marketplaces Are Popular With Consumers

Consumers are becoming increasingly more discerning with the products they buy. Not only are they more discerning of products, but they are also looking for convenience. Online community marketplaces are popular with consumers because they address these requirements and offer the consumer the following advantages.

  • Locally sourced goods – consumers are becoming more interested in supporting local businesses and sourcing goods locally. This gives the consumer the confidence that they are supporting small entrepreneurs, often in their own community
  • Handmade quality goods – As consumers become more discerning, they are demanding higher quality products. Often this handmade quality and attention to detail cannot be achieved with mass produced items.
  • Unique items – the nature of handmade items introduces a level of uniqueness with these products over mass produced similar products. Consumers like the idea that the item they have purchased is one of a kind and unique.
  • Open 24/7 – this point is important for consumers for similar reasons to the vendor. The online nature of the marketplace offers the consumer convenience. They can browse products at their leisure, when they want and where they want.

Online Community Marketplaces Make Business Sense

As people are spending more time online, and becoming more confident with the online shopping experience, the online community marketplace is only going to grow in popularity. If consumers are shopping more online, it definitely makes sense for the small vendor or home entrepreneur to take their business to the internet as well!

MyShopsy.co.za is an online community marketplace that offers all these benefits to vendors and consumers alike! The key to a platform like this is that it is affordable to the smaller vendor, yet presenting a professional shopping experience to the consumer!

Whether you are a shopper or a shop owner, an online community marketplace brings people together! This helps consumers find things they need from the products offered by the shop vendors in the community.

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