How To Effectively Market Your Products Online

Everyone knows that in order to be competitive you need to present your products to an online audience. The key question to ask is how to EFFECTIVELY market your products online!

Many people with a product to sell have the misconception that they just need to build a website and the people will come flocking to their site! This is definitely not the case in the online marketplace! Your website will be very lost and lonely in cyberspace!

Here are a few key ideas to help you get your product out there!

How To Effectively Market Your Products Online – Have a Strategy

As with any type of business, you need to have a plan! Even for a homebased business. As the old saying goes, “without a plan, you plan to fail”. If you don’t have a plan then you wander aimlessly trying one thing and then another, without measuring the results and making decisions based on those results.

This may sound very corporate, but it is not hard to do and takes a few minutes a day to check your stats.

How To Effectively Market Your Products Online – Know Your Target Market

One of the key aspects of online marketing is knowing who your target market is. It is pointless getting your product in front of 10 000 people when only 2000 of those people are in the demographic that would be interested in your product.

Knowing your demographic will help you make decisions around your marketing such as:

  • Do you focus your efforts on social media?
  • If you focus on social media, which platform is most used by your demographic?
  • Do you focus your efforts on Search Engine marketing?

How To Effectively Market Your Products Online – Search Engines

Search engines are a very powerful tool in how to effectively market your products online, but there are a number of challenges to consider.

  • It takes time – if your website is new, it will take time to be indexed and gain any authority in your niche in the eyes of the search engine
  • You may have to consider advertising on the search engines to get your site noticed
  • Consider registering and advertising on multiple search engines – there are many out there other than Google and Bing! Youtube is a major contender in the search engine sector, so you may need to consider doing videos around your products.

In order to make use of the exposure that search engines provide, you will need to make sure your website is optimized for search engines. This will involve keyword research, adding of regular content, and actively submitting your pages to the search engines on a regular basis.

How To Effectively Market Your Products Online – Social Media

Social media is undeniably one of the fastest growing methods of reaching people and marketing products! There are many social media platforms out there, each with their own demographic of people who frequent those platforms.

You will need to do some research on where your product fits in and concentrate your marketing efforts on those platforms.

Social media marketing needs a strategy all on its own! The key to successful marketing on these platforms is consistency and interaction with your followers.

How To Effectively Market Your Products Online – Use An Online Market Place

All the tasks mentioned above can become quite daunting and time consuming! It could even become a full time job, taking time away from producing your goods to sell!

This is where an online market place like can help you with your quest on how to effectively market your products online!

Platforms like MyShopsy give many advantages to the small business owner or home entrepreneur.

  • The site administrators take care of content, search engine optimization.
  • Administrators manage the site to keep it up to date and search engine friendly.
  • Submitting pages and content to search engines is also taken care of by the site administrators.
  • The website is already established and registered with major search engines, giving the site authority on the internet.
  • The site has accounts on all the major social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and content is automatically submitted to these platforms.

What are your responsibilities on an online market place such as this?

  • Setup your profile on the marketplace
  • Take good photos of your products
  • Share your MyShopsy profile on your own personal social media accounts

Platforms such as MyShopsy are designed to be similar to an online flea market! The difference is that it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and reaches way more potential clients for you!

Why not setup a profile and give it a go! It may be all you need to get your product to become the next big thing!

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